Virgin for firemen

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#1 if there is a virgin in Cleveland,
(which I doubt) then it makes sense to have her hump a fireman. Shouldn't he be in his fire bout on top of a burning building lite by piling ragheads at the bottom and pouring gasaline on them...or even a skycraper just before it gets demolished.


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First off...if there is a virgin in cleveland, she must of just moved there from a 3rd world country or something. And Second, Firemen get laid enough...I think they should de-viginize IOHN :p ...I feel bad for that poor bastard


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i think the should used some miltary members
we the one fighting now .it may be that last time we get piece before we go of to war so you all could get the next one, :D :D :D :p :cool:
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