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Do you belong to any Virtual Worlds and/or MMORPGs?

What is your character and what do you do there?

And why?


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I have no idea what the words you wrote mean....I'll answer, no?


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I'm Sir Liddick of Rulton in the mystical world of I wield my sword of wit with my shield of self-loathing.

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I belong to that Red Light District virtual porn world one.

Why? Because I like pornography, don't cha know?!??

My roommate downloaded second life as a goof and we fucked around on it for a bit. Went over to the adult island and discovered the clapping and whistling functions, so we just went around to all the people (and half horse women and all that scary shit) fucking and applauded them and whistled, which apparently is very annoying. Then suddenly we were in some sort of dance floor and couldn't stop dancing, so we just sent the character over to stand in a fire (still dancing) for a bit, and left. It blew ass, but provided momentary amusement.

PS Of course we were both hammered, need you even ask?
i used to play diablo 2 back in the day . other than that no.


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Do you belong to any Virtual Worlds and/or MMORPGs?

What is your character and what do you do there?

And why?

I confess. I have no life and play WoW far too much.
Someone once thought my wow sticker stood for World Of Warcraft. That's as close as I've gotten to any of these games.


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I play WoW on Warsong with all of Patrice's girlfriends and Freestyle Street Basketball as PatriceOneal


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I've tried a few but never really got into any of them.

The only MMO I've spent any significant time on was Planetside, just cause I like first person shooters, I like online gaming and it seemed like an interesting outlet for that.

Pretty much I just ran around shooting people, flew in aircraft shooting people, drove around shooting people.

Why? Cause they're the motha fuckin enemy, that's why.


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I am Jimmyfattits and Oldgravyleggs in Company of heroes


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The trya banks goof was fun for a few mins, trapping the innocent in walls and freaking the house wives as a midget.
I used to play World of Warcraft far too much, to the point I was shirking other responsibilities. One day a couple months back I just sucked it up, cancelled my sub and deleted the game from my computer. Best decision I ever made. I was a 70 troll hunter on Perenolde if anyone cares, which I'm sure you don't.


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Umm... yeah I do.

My only A.F.R.O. related characters are Fez Marie in EQ2, and Blackee Hugehands in Vanguard: Saga Of Heroes.


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I used to play WoW. Pretty much just ganked people and played on the battlefields. But like all games I eventually get bored and move on to something else.


I play WoW, a lot less than I used to. I have 2 characters on Dalvengyr. 70 Mage and a 43 Druid.


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Thanks to professor Anthony, I have a lvl 75 Necromancer on the Drinal server in EverQuest, I have left the game twice for over a year at a time and yet I keep going back to see what's new.