Vivica A. Fox Sex Tape????


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Kill Bill" actress Vivica A. Fox is brushing off the claim that she's the latest star of a celebrity sex tape.

An unscrupulous boyfriend allegedly filmed the unsuspecting Fox as she performed oral sex on him, according to Internet reports.

Atlanta blogger Sandra Rose contends that the cad captured the intimacy with his cell phone and that he later e-mailed friends the footage of Fox "on her knees." One of those friends forwarded the e-mail to Fox, who has sought advice from "a friend at the Atlanta Police Department," according to Rose.

But Fox's manager, Lita Richardson, tells us, "It's not true," without saying what part of the report she was disputing.

However, an Atlanta radio personality, Porsche Foxx, "confirmed that her close friend Vivica Fox appears in a controversial sex tape," according to Rose.

Atlanta police spokesman James Polite told us, "At this time, we have no formal complaint from Miss Fox."

"If it was something that was consensual, we're not looking at a crime, per se," Polite added. "If the [boyfriend] is trying to extort Miss Fox, that's when we begin to look at a criminal element."

Fox, 43, was booked in Van Nuys, Calif., last month on charges related to a drunk-driving arrest earlier last year. The divorced actress is currently working on a movie in which a little boy uses his video camera to spy on his mother's boyfriend. The apt title: "Caught on Tape."

Fox isn't the only hot-bodied star with Internet headaches. Also bouncing around the Web is a compromising photo of a lingerie-clad Beyonc pole-dancing during a performance. A closeup of her nether regions appears to show she's not wearing underwear. After the way her top flew up during a concert last summer, it may be time for a new wardrobe consultant.
i'll get it only if she's with larry david...wakka wakka
If this tape came out when she was in Independence Day, I would be interested in it. Not because she isn't attractive anymore, as evident by the last scene, of Curb. Its just as soon as she started dating 50 Cent and starting adopting that ghetto personality, it was kind of a turn off. Although if she gives oral like the way Jazmine Cashmere does then I might be interested.

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I saw a pic of her in one of the rags. She is a balloon who has ballooned.


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The funny thing is that she called the police about this. The same police that she called racist when she was arrested for dwi