Vos & Bonnie McFarlane will be UNMASKED 12/7/2011


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theinterrobang said:
  • Make sure you know you can be in midtown Manhattan on time before you request tickets. You will need to be at Sirius XM by 6:45pm on December 7.
  • You must have a twitter account to request tickets. If you don’t have one, its free and easy to sign up.
  • Make sure you’re following @UnmaskedShow on twitter. We will not be able to contact you if you are not following that account.
  • Send a reply to @UnmaskedShow on twitter and let us know if you are requesting one or two tickets. Please only request tickets if you KNOW you can attend, and only request two tickets if you can be certain you will be bringing someone because we have very limited seating.
  • Please do not submit duplicate requests for tickets
  • Do not reply here to request tickets. You must reply on twitter to be eligible to win.
We will contact ticket winners by DirectMessage on twitter to let you know how to get your tickets. So remember to check your DirectMessages to see if you’ve won! Unfortunately we cannot accomodate all requests but we will try to honor as many requests as we can. Thank you and Good Luck!


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I wonder if they'll be UNMARRIED by then.