VZW Contract

Need to get out of my VZW contract, anybody know anything about letting somebody take it over?


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Never heard of that. We got out of ours by my wife just
constantly bitching to the rep at the local store about
their poor customer service. After 2 weeks of breaking
his stones he let us out of the contract with no fees.
Tss Tss..With a wife like that sounds to me like your name should be Ballbusted...tss.tss..
Check your bill, the best way to get out with no fee is if they change the terms. ATT changed some regulatory fee and it "adversely affected me" so you can break it.

They have to send you a notice either through the mail or electronically.


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How long are you into the contract?
Got a bit over a year on 3 lines, 2 have unlimited data, one expires in July and has an upgrade. Still have my Galaxy Nexus to sweeten a deal.