Is alive.
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Women of Wrestling is a NICE show late night on Fox. It has women wrestling <IMG SRC="http://www.wackbag.com/ubb/smilies/cwm12.gif" border=0> . www.wowe.com
Ive seen it before there are some hot chicks there.<IMG SRC="http://www.wackbag.com/ubb/smilies/cwm5.gif" border=0>

Yeah I have seen it too. It is the G.L.O.W. of the year 2001. Look for their PPV in February. I am sure there will be some nudity in order to get a better buy rate. Already heard rumors that the PPV will be "uncesored". The wrestling is not all that great but the woman are good to look at and the show is fun for a goof. Maybe I just like it cause I am just another Mark.