WA woman gets life without parole for killing co-worker: stabbed her 330 times


Brittany Norwood(on right) gets life without parole for the stabbing death of co-worker Jayna Murray (on left)

29-year-old Brittany Norwood of Lululemon, Washington, was sentenced to life without parole on Friday, for the brutal murder of coworker, Jayna Murray. Norwood tearfully read a statement in open court, aplogoizing to the family before the judge reportedly slammed her for the horrific killing of 30 year old Murray on March 11, 2011.

Norwood reportedly stabbed Murray over 330 times, using anything she found around the store where they worked, then lied to police about it. She originally told investigators that gunmen had attacked them in the store, sexually assaulted them and had tied her up while stabbing her co-worker to death.

Police later found out she was the one who viciously stabbed and killed Murray over an argument.

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11.3.11 (Lululemon, Washington) A guilty verdict was handed down on Wednesday in the Lululemon, Washington, first degree murder trial of Brittany Norwood.

A jury of six men and six women deliberated for a little over an hour before they found the 29-year-old Norwood guilty of murdering her co-worker 30-year-old Jayna Murray on March 11.

The gruesome murder which took place at Bethesda Lululemon yoga store, left victim Murray with up to a shocking 330 stab wounds, 107 of which were defensive showing she was alive for many of the brutal slashing.

Court documents say the two women had a fight in the store that fateful night for workers at an Apple store next door reported they heard loud arguing and someone calling for help.

Norwood reportedly used different items from the store like a hammer, wrench, knife, ropes and pegs as weapons to bash, stab and slash her co-worker to death and prosecution say she murdered Murray to hide that she was stealing from the store, then tried to cover it up.

The medical Examiner reportedly testified that the wounds on the victim was the most he had ever seen.

Norwood told police that she and Murray were held at gunpoint as they were about to leave the store that night, brought back inside, sexually assaulted then attacked. Police found her with hands tied above her heads and immediately found her story suspicious. On examination, they also learned that she was never sexually assaulted as she said.

They say Norwood only had superficial wounds while Murray was covered in hundreds of deep fatal wounds. There were bloody footprints but police now say they were made by Norwood using shoes from the store to deceive and throw the scent of herself.

Norwood's lawyer Douglas Wood said his client "lost it" that night and "stupidly" killed her co-worker. Prosecutor John McCarthy argued the opposite--that the killing was calculated and premeditated.

First and second degree murder options were open to the jury but they chose the maximum. Norwood will be sentenced at a later date.


330 times... now that is some rage.... holy shit.

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It's terrible how the racist media sensationalizes these stories and blows them all out of proportion. They take a simple 'murder to cover up petty shoplifting' story whip it up to make it seem like black people are violent and untrustworthy or something.


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Did the Killer Negress also write that shitty article? These sites that pay lumpy hausfraus to poorly paraphrase other writers' work need to go away.


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But the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment?


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I thought the article said a woman did it, not this Juwanna Mann looking sheboon


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She was stabbed an even number of times. Her parents have that, at least.


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Yoga store???

I'm going to guess that Jayna Murray was all into celebrating diversity and all that nonsense.

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