WABC, WNBC News Reporters Sue Opie & Anthony

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WABC-TV/New York news reporter Anthony Johnson is suing syndicated Opie & Anthony after one of their listeners assaulted him with an air horn during a live shot two years ago, reports the Bergen Record. The fan, carrying out Opie & Anthony's "Assault on the Media" campaign caused Johnson "severe and permanent" damage to an eardrum, the lawsuit says.

The "Assault on the Media" campaign encouraged listeners to disrupt live, on-air news broadcasts to advertise Opie & Anthony's new show two years ago. Then-acting Gov. Richard Codey called the duo's campaign against the media "inappropriate and dangerous" and it was ended shortly afterwards.

The suit, filed on behalf of Johnson and his wife, WNBC news reporter Pat Battle, seeks compensatory and punitive damages. (12-04-07)


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