wack makes peace


this is for mav, spot and most of the other giant fans out there:

i've been alittle rough on the g-man lately, mostly because i was psyched about the birds this year and we finally beat you after kicking our ass for 9 games in a row!:mad:
but i'll tell you what, i was rooting for your boys last year.i even lost a couple of bills on them in the super bowl!:(

collins is from penn state( i even went there for a minute).
remember charles way??he went t northeast highschool in philly.

so sorry bros:D and look at it this way:next year its gonna be thegiants and th birds nex year, so we'll be ripping each other again!!!!!


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It's all good Wack, there ain't nothing wrong with a little football fan fighting. I enjoy it, that's the fun having people from different cities joining up. I understand the pain of losing a big game, the Giants lost in the Super bowl last year. The Giants and Eagles had some great games this year. Don't feel like your not allowed to vent here, vent all you want. We will be fighting by spring training. ;)
No apology necessary Wack. NFC guys Have to talk s**t. And I look forward to next year when we can do it again. Plus we got a whole season of Phillies/Mets trash talk coming Apr.1. It's all good. Just don't tell me you root for Temple. Final four just around the corner. UCONN!!! (although they really sucked last night...:( ).


first of all,congrats on the subay series '02 !!!:mad: how can the phils compete when the mets spend like 100 mill and the phils spend like 40 mill????:mad: anyway, who knows, the almost did it last year!!!

and second of all
Just don't tell me you root for Temple.
penn state( i even went there for a minute
well i didn't even stay a semester at psu but i finished up atTEMPLE UNIVERSITY !!!i do root for the owls, but they're having a tough year so who knows?:(