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Actually that is a private club, people have to be invited by members.... we also have a free voice chat on this site... anyone can go in the room look in the side bar for "voice chat in beta"

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The problem is that for some unknown reason, I cannot get the voice chat in beta to work. :(
Thats true the beta doesnt always work so I have a proposal. on the yahoo site current members can invite other people to join. there is a link there for that. lets get some people in there goddamnit. the link to the main wackbagchat page is http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/wackbagchat

the Link directly to chat is above in Son Of Spaz's post... we have 20 members ther i think, those who are members...invite your friends ,, lets get some voice going till I can find an onsite voice chat

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