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Did you always want to be a high school teacher?
At first, yes, but decided early on that it wasn't in the cards for me.

However, I also didn't change my major because I understood even then what I understand now:

No one cares about which liberal arts degree you have. Ever.

French is the same as Sociology is the same as Psychology is the same as American Studies is the same as Liberal Studies is the same as History, etc. If you want a 'professional' degree like Engineering, Nursing, or Business (which is still a little iffy), then people care. But if it's just a Liberal Arts degree, no one gives a rat's ass. Just get your 120 credits and get your BA. No one cares that you double majored, no one cares that you have a minor in Religious Studies or that you were a unit shy of an emphasis in... NO ONE CARES.
Well, today is the day that I get my Associate's Degree. I know in the long run it means jack shit, and nothing will matter until I get my Masters in a few years, but god dammit, after today I will be a college graduate!


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Finally! I just turned in my last paper for my Bachelor's Degree! Now all I have to do is wait for my grade and my diploma to come in the mail.


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I just completed my AS in Business and Technology, final grades for the semester was 4 A's


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I also just got my Bachelors in Business Administration... now I get to look forward to paying towards the principle on my student loans. With the state the economy is in, I'm almost ready to say "fuck it" and go for my MBA.

Congratulations to everyone else.


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Just Graduated from Paramedic School.

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My daughter just called and she just finished her most brutal semester as a junior at UTA . She got 5 A's and a B. The only B was in trig, and that's not in her major so she was pretty psyched.