Wackbag mardi gras


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Okay all. Let's get going. The next time Mardi gras comes around we are all going to go. It's the same time as lent for you christians. So save your money and get ready to go. So next febuary or march, which ever time it lands on, we are going. All of you. No excuses. No money? No worry. We are there. Promoting Wackbag and O & A.

Reason for this is my friend went there and just came back. He was there for 7 months. He was only supposed to be on vacation. He told me it was the best time of his life. If you don't like being adventurous then forget it. If you do, then we will have a great time.

I hope you all agree. Later


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I knew a Marty Graw is that one in the same????? I will see if my wife gives the ok.