Wackbag Presidential Race 2012


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Glenn Dandy is like Kim Il-sung, he is the Eternal President



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Clearly we need Shooter, more threads=more gooder Also AH for his VP....the gayer the better I say


Malarkey is slang for bullshit isn't it?
I wanted to make Begbie Generalissimo during Hurricane Irene, might as well make him a legit ruler.


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The fact that I'm the first person to nominate afternoonquil shows why afternoonquil should be the President of the place. Throw the poll up and let's get this thing done.
I'm humblered by the factoid that the owner of such a fine company that tells the population movie times would nominate me.


Silence, you mortal Fuck!
please I don't even know how to navigate myself anymore.

Chino Kapone

Yo, whats wrong wit da beer we got?
Chino for president!

I'll make sure Stormridder is my VP. THP is the speaker, Whitehonkeydevil is my chairman of racism and Shooter is head of the Agricultural department.

We all know whoever is president is just a puppet for BB1 Sinn Fein and Zag. They are the illuminati.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
No. Never trust somebody that loves money more then bacon.

Three Hole Puncher or The Fez Man. I want my president to be a surly racist.
dont forget anti establishment you fucking pig


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Kirk Strong was the obvious choice. He knew all about the behind the scenes charades, such as well as BB1's post count manipulations or Sinn's political distractions diverting our attention from the REAL issues. Lets not even mention the overjew who controls everything. Kirk could have saved us.
I'll have to second THP... he has enough time on his hands being a kept man and all.. about time he got a job


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Has anybody mentioned Vos

Although I'm sure he'd want to be paid


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Glenn Dandy is my fucking leader but if he doesn't want another term, I vote for the Fez Man.


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I wanted to make Begbie Generalissimo during Hurricane Irene, might as well make him a legit ruler.
Eh, the Generalissimo basically runs the whole thing anyway. The President of Wackbag is just the figurehead that spouts nonsense in a drunken stupor. But I thank you siiir for your contribution. I never added Generalissimo of Wackbag to my sig, shame on me.


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Open Question:

So what will you do if you become President?


Go back to your shanties.
Open Question:

So what will you do if you become President?
I would start a constitution:

I will request a sticky "State of the Union" thread in Bizarro. This thread may only be used by the President and his chosen VP. Anything goes in the State of the Union forum; whatever the president or vice president deems worthy of announcing or otherwise posting. If Glenn Dandy gets a second term, with this implemented he may in fact post more drunken ramblings for us to enjoy. If possible, we can start this right away.

Thank you.


I'll give em a state, a state of unconsciousness
Me got a good boy question and a naughty boy question. A naughty boy question and a good boy question.


I want to fuck your girlfriend.
Vote for me, or your body will never be found.
Can I be part of the cabinet?
You know, reach across party lines...


I shot the sheriff
We need at least one psychotic broad with a Fargo accent in this election.