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It's always fun to vote on the book club book so I thought I would throw up another poll. These are books that have received high praise in the wackbook threads. I probably forgot a few.


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Out of those I had to pick The Passage series.


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I should have put Moby Dick up there for you. Best book to read over a time period of 25 years.
Still at around 52%. I'm going to cut back on my drinking and smoking so I have time to finish it in my life.


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Man, I got to read the Passage, only one on the list that I haven't read. Went Ender out of the choice I had.


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Out of that list, I had to go LotR. ASOIAF might have taken it, except I still can't get through Dance.
LotR is the only one I've read, but lots of times at that.
I think WWZ could have earned a nomination but I am happy to see RP1 on there. However, for the purposes of this thread I go with The Passage. This isn't your favorite book, it's Wackbag's, and I enjoyed our discussions of The Passage more than any of the others on there.


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Loved Lamb....I chose Enders over Passage though.


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The answer is and always has been Jar Jar Martin's ASOIAF. The Passage is a very close second, but if we're talking broad interest and appeal, Martin's books have it beat.