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Aug 22, 2005
Anyone else hate waiting for the Big Brown Truck to show up and bring you goodies?

The local route usually delivers to my house around 3PM. It's 20 to 5 here, and still no sign of them. The local depot has had problems in the past with rerouting packages to the wrong address (with no input from me), and I am getting concerned they have done it again.

So, this thread is all about waiting for the BBT to bring things to you, and what's in the box when you get it.


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Feb 20, 2006
The tracking software always annoyed me, especially when I could see that my box was at the major hub in Saddle Brook and I had to drive passed it on my way to/from work only to have to wait at least a day or two before the package was actually delivered. At least its better than the USPS tracking software, might as well just throw a dart at a calendar. The odds are more in your favor than their shitty service.

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Aug 25, 2002
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Not waiting on the BBT, but waiting on USPS. Might as well be waiting for hell to freeze over. If it hadn't been for fucking Presidents Day I might have had my package yesterday. As it is, I am STILL waiting for it to show up at my hotel. Tracking software has said it is on the truck and out for delivery but the postal service has already been to the hotel today and delivered one envelope for me. Why the fuck didn't he drop off my fucking package at the same time? I've had other stuffed delivered here via USPS and it ALWAYS shows up at the same time every day. W.T.F.?


Dec 9, 2005
Fuck the USPS. Our cunt delivery bitch refused to put packages that fit into the mailbox, in the mailbox. She fills out her little cards before she even starts her route, saying we can drive the 4 miles to pick our shit up the following day - it wasn't even on the truck so she could attempt to deliver it. Saturday I filed a complaint and left her a love letter in the box.

I got my watch and my phone case today. And her response was that I had a sign saying I shoot trespassers - that sign went away two months ago after the association tagged me on it. Mind you I live in an urban neighborhood, not out in the sticks anymore where there might be a hint of truth to it. And anytime she's off on vacation - the replacement guy does a fantastic job to get us our stuff - knocking on the door if it didn't fit in the box.

On the UPS thing - try to get the shipper to mark you as a business - they always get their stuff first.

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Aug 29, 2002
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Great timing with this thread. This is one of the few things that sucks here.

At my new digs here in Fl, UPS comes late as hell, like after 5pm unless its something shipped to me overnight through work.

USPS is after 3pm, near 4pm usually. FedEx comes usually around 2pm.

Up in PA, UPS was always late morning or early afternoon. USPS came by noon, and so did FedEx. Occasionally I'd get FedEx ground stuff late afternoon.

Woot stuff gets here fast, which is a plus being that I'm closer to TX. Newegg not so much because they ship mostly from NJ. I used to get almost everything next-day even with the cheap doing option.
Apr 30, 2011
On the UPS thing - try to get the shipper to mark you as a business - they always get their stuff first.
There might be something to that. I send all stuff to my office mainly in case a shipper requires a signature. UPS and fedex tracking is never late either, if anything it would be a day earlier than estimated. USPS on the other hand is a complete joke when i comes to tracking. Unfortunately it seems to be the shipper of choice on most ebay purchases.


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Apr 14, 2005
Thanks for reminding me BBT should be coming to my house today. Since i literally almost got arrested last time i went into JC Penny, i had to take to on-line ordering for so clothes for work.
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