PC Wanking Simulator Coming to Steam Q3 2019.

Atomic Fireball

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Without the wireless controller that's just a smutty re-skinning of Goat Simulator

I thought this was gonna be about that porn game that raised almost 1.5 million in crowd funding.
Waiting for a "This is Sparta", booting dub

Have to admit, I was giggling like a retard to that vid. People flying a mile high and the fast wacking


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Don't worry about it. Just know that its a waste of time and money. Every few years someone releases a pointless ragdoll physics game like Goat Simulator or this game. There are some good rag doll physics games like Fall Flat, mount your friend, Guts and Glory, and Who's your Daddy. The difference is that those are actual games with a clear goal, not a cheap gimmick that has no replay value after ten minutes wandering around.