War on Drugs: UN Calls for Increased International Involvement

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I guess the UN was afraid that everyone had forgotten how retarded it is.

UN Calls for Increased International Drug War
June 26, 2013

Illegal Drug Trade Must Stop United Nations Secretary General, Mr. Ban ki Moon said: “illegal drug trafficking is a clear obstacle to development and called for a robust and coordinated law enforcement response within and among countries.”

“All over the world, drugs threaten the health and welfare of youth and children, families and communities, and the billions of dollars generated by the drugs trade feed corruption, enhance the power of criminal networks and create fear and instability.”

He spoke about his visit to the Patrignano Drug Rehabilitation Center in northern Italy in a message to mark the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

The facility houses 1,200 young women and men from 28 countries who are learning to free themselves from “the curse of addiction and enjoy dignified and productive lives.

Source: Guardian Express. Read full article. (link)
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For an organization that's supposed to know about world affairs they couldn't understand less on how the world actually works.
Illegal Drug Trade Must Stop United Nations Secretary General, Mr. Ban ki Moon said
Why don't we start by completely decriminalizing illicit drugs.

War on Drugs = complete fail
Ramping up war on drugs = epic fail
They just cannot help their meddling no matter how many times it comes back to bite them. Hopefully, after this crashes and burns, the World will take a peek at the drug laws in Portugal.

Link (Cato)

Link (Spiegel Online)

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It's a war that cannot be 'won'. People will always want to do illicit drugs. Think of another solution.


LDAR, bitch.
Sooo tired of "war on x".