Found a new game, simple but addicting.


WarLight is a turn-based online board game where you compete to rule the world.
You can check it out by trying a game versus the computer, or challenge a friend.

It gets a bit more complicated on each level, level three countries are broken down in to small regions (Florida and Georgia appear to be a region in the USA). I think in latter levels it might become a bitch to play from what I hear in single player with more combatants and better AI.

Guilty Spark

It's freeing and refreshing
Love this game. Still waiting for the iPhone app.
pretty damn good game.. I'll need to play the AI a little more before doing multiplayer


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Love it.
Won level 1 in 23 moves, Level 2 in 31 and level 3 in 41. I saved the last enemy force until I had everything else just for fun in these.
Challenge mode 3 is a bitch.
I cant get past challenge mode 3.. I've tried a bunch of different strategies and the enemy still masses on one side or the other of me with 30-40 armies.