Was this a real Ron & Fez show?


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Where Fez brought his cat in and literally for two fucking hours Ron tries to get the cat to speak?

What fucking date was this incident?


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Manvember Tents, 20beer.


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Yes it is real and it was felt more like 4 hours of trying to get the cat to speak.

Also, google is your friend.


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Welcome to wackbag Kyle.

Indeed a real show. Actually, it has become an instant classic. Referred to by the show as well as callers.


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That show is the point when I realized Ron is a sadistic genius.
Cookie? Cookie? Cookie?

One of the most amazing consistent call backs....It's right there with lettuce wraps, hosing out his ass in the driveway, punching a retard, farted awake, Bucs Bathroom decorations, and of course my fav right now, the umm-brella


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And why didn't Ronnie, Baker Act him after this show. Wow, I forgot how "chilling" it was!!