Water Balloon Fight at High School Leads to Arrests

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Fuck this country.

Reason.com said:
Police Response to School Water Balloon Fight: Violence and Arrests

Scott Shackford | May. 19, 2013 11:00 am

Count the overwrought responses to this incident. Enloe High School in Raleigh, N.C., called police out due to what appears to be a water balloon fight (overwrought response number one). Police arrested seven of the students (overwrought response number two) and threw a teen apparently not involved at all to the ground, necessitating medical treatment (overwrought response number three).

WRAL television reports:
The mother of an Enloe High School student has filed a complaint with the Raleigh Police Department after an officer threw her son to the ground Thursday as police responded to a water balloon battle at the school.

Seven students and a parent were arrested.

Sophomore Jahbriel Morris wasn't among those charged, but he had to be treated at WakeMed for a cut above his eyebrow, a bruised shoulder, a scraped knee and a sore neck and back.

Morris, 15, said he was injured when a police officer grabbed him outside the school, knocked him down and drove his head into the ground at least twice.

"How he was taken down was the most disturbing because they took him down by his neck and slammed him," Kevin Hines, a parent who witnessed the incident as he was picking up his children after school, said Friday.
Hines went to complain to the principal about the excessive force he witnessed. He was arrested for trespassing (overwrought response number four).

(Hat tip to Swarley for the lead)


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If we would stop letting them gather in places
like schools this kind of thing wouldn't happen.

Ban schools!

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Jahbriel Morris
Nuff said

The trick for the cops in the face of water balloon misbehavior is to employ an even-handed, commensurate response



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When me and my grade school buddies got off the bus after school it was dirt-clot war time. We would throw dirt clots at each other until someone got hurt and cried then we all ran away home every day. Every Day. It was normal. It's what kids did. Can you imagine this happening today? We would of all had felony records.



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Last day of school always meant a water fight at the end of the day when I was a kid. The principal didn't want to see the guns or balloons during the day or he'd take them. After last bell and once outside the school he was all in tho.