Water Heater Troubles


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Trying to reset my water heater, only one problem...

Cannot find the fucking view-hole on my hot water tank. Fantastic. Looks like I'm doing it blind. There is not a view port anywhere on this fucking thing.

Any tips? Am I looking in the wrong place or does this thing really not have any way to see the fucking thing?

Should I just go for 30 second rule or just call somebody who isn't a complete dumbass and won't set the house on fire?


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mine has a control knob/switch right on the top angled right toward someone standing in front of it - its so obvious you could miss it


Go back to your shanties.
Not that anyone cares,

but here's an update:

Pilot light wouldn't light. Well, it would, but wouldn't stay for more than a minute. Called a plumber, his exact words:

"These god damn Whirlpools, they make'em so you can't work on 'em."

So I had to get a new one. Haven't showered in days, just got it installed, can't wait to take a long hot shower.

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Shooter Vs. The Water Heater.

An epic 3D cinemagic adventure coming to an IMAX screen near you.


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Epic indeed!



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I got a new hot water heater not too long ago. I got a Rheem/Ruud high efficiency one. Due to state regulations I also had to get a expansion tank added. Never have to wait for hot aqua anymore.