All Chicago listeners rally for O&A. CKG offers more to the fat,bloted,has been Steve Dahl than they do to a fresh new (new to this city anyway) talent like O&A. These guy are F*ing funny. OK, they are sick and twisted but it is still better than the ramblings of of a man (Dahl) who no longer knows how to be funny in his old sober days. Call the station and have these FREAKS put on live. Put these guys on live in our city so they will come here and party with us.


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Tim, Chicago needs more people like you. Dahl does his thing I have heard a few of his shows. He is like Don and Mike from D.C. He just can't compare to the sickness that O & A bring to the radio. The only thing close is Stern, but he can't even hit that, he is too wrapped up in his high and mighty role.

As for Mancow. Ha, that dude needs to go back to the Connecticutt school of broadcasting, cause his show blows.

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Yeah dude, They don't know good radio, I guess it has been so long since they had any kind of anything funny their. Not to worry, O n A are the virus that will spread and they always win in the end.
A quick follow up. Steve Dahl had his time in this city and in his glory HE WAS DAMN FUNNY. But now all he does is talk about the life and times of STEVE DAHL and its just not funny. Howard Stern was damn funny in his time but now he is just a HUMAN PENIS looking to be STROKED by his staff and listeners. Opie and Anthony are fresh, funny and on the edge. I meen, come on, two guys (and Norten and all the other drop in guests)who can manage to erace "time" from the equation "tragedy + time = comedy" deserve to be heard LIVE IN CHICAGO!!!! LETS GO CHITOWN make your voices heard!!!!

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yup im obviosly a philly phuc
but i got in to o&a when i lived i boston a few years back. boston recived them at first even worse than chi town and mabye even worse than San.Fagsisco it will happen time.. be calm . count on ol' billie beruhe .. o&a will fuckin own schitcago. probably in the next 8 months


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We can only hope. And know that O&A rock!


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insnt mandoushe from Chicago?? If he is they are in desperate need of good radio


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Yes, ManCrotch is from Chi Town.