WCW releasing wrestlers.

WCW has been releasing wrestlers for the past two weeks as their 90 day rollover clauses come up. WCW is expected to release almost every wrestler with a 90 day rollover clause in their contract when their rollover comes up. In the next three months WCW will be free of most of their wrestlers.

The top name WCW stars who have guaranteed contracts will have an option; they can be paid in full for the duration of their contracts, but be prohibited from working anywhere else during this time. They may also have an option of taking a percentage of their guaranteed pay and being free to work anywhere else. Details on who this will apply to is not known, most of the top wrestlers have differently worded contracts.
Yeah i heard that on the R&F show today. I dont really care cause i stopped watching WCW after the whole NWO thing got old. I think there is gonna be some talent from there coming to WWF. Hey imagine if The Rock would have a meeting with Juventud in the backstage area on RAW. Heh heh LOL.
IOHN, The Juice was fired like a year ago. But what I heard, Vince might try to buy WCW again.
Yeah I heard the WWF was interested in purchasing WCW again. The price has gone down since the last deal and now the Turner is not interested in having WCW programming on TNT or TBS the conflict with Viacom is not a problem. Not sure what the WWF will do, but I hope if they do buy WCW they keep them seperate and build up WCW for a few years. Then have a supercard promotion v. promotion, like they do in Japan all the time.
I also heard the Jerry Jarrett (Yes the famous wrestler and father of Jeff Jarrett) is interested in starting his own promotion. He was also interested in purchasing WCW but backed out when he found out that Turner broadcasting wasn't going to feature WCW anymore on there television stations. Maybe some of the released WCW stars will go there since there is not much room for many more stars in the WWF. We will have to wait and see.
That guy on the R&F show today from www.wrestleline.com said that if Vince bought WCW he would try and work out something with TNN and put it on another night like Friday or something. That Company that wants to buy WCW may still do the deal if they can get a TV deal with FOX i believe that was what he said. If not then its byebye