We stopped dreaming.


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The lack of vision by our leaders is shameful. Its not that the people have stopped dreaming, but I think its our leaders who have stopped caring about our dreams. The special interests and the corporate lobbies are the people who need to be convinced that space is important for everyone and eventually yes, there will be money to be made from our endeavors.

Atomic Fireball

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I'm a fan of Dr Tyson but I don't agree that the pace of technological change has slowed since the '70's. What has slowed is governement-sponsored manned space exploration.

Ultimately what will power exploration will be profit-seeking private enterprise, à la the Dutch West India Company. It seems frustratingly slow to us now because we have to view history at the speed of human consciousness


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Thank god for guys like Richard Branson, who keeps dreaming and has the capital behind him to attempt to achieve those dreams. He really is the coolest rich guy in the world.


I'll give em a state, a state of unconsciousness

The thread title's intriguing, but is the focus more on politics-anthropology-psychology, or biology-anthropology-psychology.

Norm Stansfield

I'm assuming that by "we" he means the US government. And he's wrong, unfortunately they haven't stopped dreaming. They are wasting more money and American industrial capacity on pseudo-scientific projects than ever before.