Webber Close

There is a report going around that Chris Webber the most highly sought after Free Agent this summer is gonna resign with the Kings for a 7-year deal!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok good news. Webber himself said there is not deal with the Kings right now. He is meeting with the Pacers today in Indiana and is being contacted by several teams. Ok where the hell are the Knicks what are they doing. I read in the paper today that they are waiting for LJ to tell them if he is gonna retire or not before they make a move for another free agent cause they will get some more money for the cap to spend on free agents from the NBA.


I speak the human language
My plans have gone out das doumphiere and into the toilet. I was hoping they would sign him first. They go out and get Clarence fucking Weatherspoon. WTF! They need to dump Johnson, as much as I love the guy, his career is finished. If he would just move on things would be much easier. Also WTF is Latrell doing? He was illegaly trying to get Webber to come here during the season and now when it's legal he isn't trying to make headlines or push Webber to get his ass here. I hate talking about rumors, because they never come true anymore. Just look at Jagr and the Rangers!! FUCKEN COCKSUCKERS!!!!

Sorry but they should have pulled the trigger on that one. The Rangers pretty much turned down the best player in the game. Dickheads.
I know fucking Weatherspoon. We will never get lucky where he would be one of those breakout players for your team. On a side note i met Mark Jackson last night at this gas station in NJ. I told him yo are you guys gonna sign Webber or what!!! He laughed.