Webber Talks Heat Up.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Sacramento Kings free agent Chris Webber said he has been contacted by 12-15 NBA teams since July 1 and has no idea where he will play next season.

I know the NY Knicks are one of those teams and i sure hope we get him on to come to The Knicks.


I speak the human language
Mark my words. The Knicks will get Chris Webber. Larry Johnson is retiring if I am correct. I just don't see them not signing him to a huge deal. Plus look foward to the knicks trading for Jason Williams who was traded to Vancouver recently. I know the knicks are going to do this. They need more speed and this is the way to go. They will sign Webber, trade for Williams. The starting line-up will be as such: Williams, Houston, Sprewell, Webber, Camby. "Now that's what I call a close encounter."<-- (Wait that's another Independance day reference). I meant to say: That's what I call a starting line-up. ;)
Hell yeah Mav that would rock i hope they do get Webber and Jason Williams. NBA Finals next year if that is our starting lineup.


I speak the human language
I think they would make the finals too. That is a dream line-up. It's not impossible either. They just would have to give up Charlie Ward and a good foward. Such as Kurt Thomas or Othella Harrington. It could happen. I just hope Scott Layden doesn't pussy out. Plus the Knicks need alittle diversity. Throwing Jason Williams in the mix would add alittle color to the knicks. Or alittle brightness, that kid is a pale motherfucker. lol. :D