Weeds Season 3 [Showtime]


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The first 4 episodes are leaked online...havn't watched em yet, but I will this weekend.

God damn I love bootlegs


such a great show. can't wait!
this happened last time but it didn't look too good. it was all stretched out and had lines going across it. rather wait for the show to come on to get a better version.
they're from a dvd screener, dl'ed but haven't watched... just checked samples. still need to watch entire 2nd season heh.


To my Friends!!! To My Friends!!!
They are all in awesome quality, and they put a WEEN song in the first episode. Love this show...now I gotta wait an extra month to see anything new though...but it was worth it.


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Not bad at all. Anyone able to get me into demonoid, would be much appreciated?

Jim Beam

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torrentspy.com has them all
great show, didnt watch at all until i heard of these
yeah the 4 neu episodes of season 3 fucking RULED...ah man it sucks, gotta wait another month till a neu episode...oh well...guess i can rewatch each episode every monday till episode 5 lol

Is anyone still watching, now that it's actually on TV?

I've been loving it this year, I actually think I like it better than last season.

Amazing that this thread hasn't been touched in over 3 weeks for a show most people around here seem to like.
i'm still watching it....i could watch both seasons again..can't wait for monday!!
"new" episode since i saw the first 4 that were leaked
Yeah maybe once people start seeing new episodes there will be more posts.


To my Friends!!! To My Friends!!!
Yea, I didn't want to discuss the leaked episodes, didn't wanna spoil anything. But loving the new season.
anyone watching this? one of the olsen twins was on last night.
U-Turn died!!!! i totally did not see that coming...i bet something bad between Conrad's crop and Nancy happens.
this season is great, and Mary-Kate, i have a feeling will become
a weedwhore as the season goes on
this season is AWESOME!!!

and yes, i'm watching it :D
don't spoil it for everyone maxey :)

i have a feeling that the trunk of horse she's got in her laundry room will bring back the mexicans who u-turn stole it from
sorry bout that...it just totally shocked me....can't wait for next monday :D


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caught most of last nights episode in between plays of the football game last night. I wonder what she will do with the heroin?
anyone watch the episode monday?

who was the dead cop at the very end? i couldn't make out the face?


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Yea, I thought the preview explained that last scene very well.

Now who will she get entangled with next? DEA? Mexicans?