Weight Loss Thread


Lying causes cat piss smell.
Maybe he's 5'2"
Close, 5' 7".

I have an odd body shape. I weighed 187 with a 38" waist the day I graduated high school. I was kinda fat even then, but only through the torso. Even at my heaviest, my arms and legs didn't get all that big. It was all torso. At my biggest, I looked like a beer can with popsicle stick arms and legs.


A.K.A. Chad
Hoping to end up around 150. Will settle for under 200 though.
Wait, you were 3fucking10 and your target weight is 150? How short a fella are you?

EDIT: oh 5’7”...and you let yourself get to 3fuckign10. Sheesh, dude.