Well reasoned argument concerning climate change.


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May 2, 2005
It seems a little too simplistic to me. I have a hard time with the idea of "Global Climate Change: True or False." The climate is changing, but it seems like his argument should have included something about to what extent humans are causing it or it is because of natural cycles, and if anything can stop and/or slow the changes. Also, if we are going to take steps to correct the problems, it's not as easy as "yes, we as citizens of the Earth will fix it." The infamous Kyoto Protocol doesn't require all nations to reduce emissions. The developed countries will be forced to take on much of the costs, and maybe rightly so. China and India get a pass, since there are no big cities or industry there, right? The Bush bashers love to point to Kyoto. The treaty was originally available for signature between March 16, 1998 and March 15, 1999. Hmmm, who was the President back then? The idea of Global Depression in the video might be a little more focused on a few countries. We can also debate the catastrophes that could happen (like the crap from Al Gore's movie about an island nation near New Zealand that is now underwater, which most likely never happened.)