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Just to let you all know, I quit my job. Due to the fact that one of the owners was making me cry everyday, and I couldn't take it n e more, I feel like such a loser!
Dont let it get you down you had to do what you felt was right. Good luck finding a new job.


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So sorry to hear that sweets Chin Up babes dot let it get to you


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Oh now you can go back to doing drugs. That's a joke. If it upsets you just email or IM me. That sucks though hun. Where is this place? You want me to fuck him up for you?


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Boy how I have missed my drugs mav...how'd u guess...oh on a good note...I know now that everything happens for a reason, I got a call from the school I am supposed to be attending later this summer and they told me that I can start in 2 weeks because a spot has opened up.....so I'm not a loser after all lol....now I'll just be a nerd


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Good for you.


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Baby you were never a loser in the first place- your x boss was My boss does the same to me but I get even. Cant tell how or when but lets just say I get even you are not the loser good luck in school