Were can I find?


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Jan 25, 2006
I know where to catch TNA and WWE. What I need help with is where I can see ROH on a regular basis and all of the Japanese and Mexican action. I am looking for TV, DVDs, internet, radio, anything.

Thanks for your help.


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i had a similar question a little while back, and youtube can be a decent source of info. some of the vids on there have links in the descriptions. there's also a ROH video site (rohvids.com maybe? i dunno)

as for the mexicabn stuff, i particularly watch AAA on one of the spanish channels on direcTV henever i'm at my in-laws (it ususally comes on around 4e/3c on saturday afternoons)

i haven't really sought out any japanese stuff, but have stumbled across some gems on youtube. one of the fine fellas turned me onto an indy guy on youtube that is pretty fun to watch. just do a search on there for "chris bosh" (the dick punch rules)

EDIT:: i found this and i think you may find some answers HERE

Kid Brock

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Jul 26, 2005
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Yep Chris Bosh may be the funniest guy in the game right now. Also if you are going to get into RoH then you have to watch Chikara stuff also. It will absolutely change the way he watch/hate the WWE.


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May 24, 2005
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To follow Ring of Honor, you can use multiple sources. On their website, they post almost daily news wires that keep you up to date on all of the new matches and announcements for the upcoming events. They also post many good feature articles that discuss certain feuds that are happening. Whenever there is a show (usually 2 weekends a month), the ROH message board has a thread in which results are posted and updated as the show unfolds live.

They also post video wires that are 10 minute video pieces that feature clips from recent ROH shows and promos to hype upcoming matches and events. These come on a semi-regular basis but there is no set schedule for when new ones are posted, however in the news wire there will be an announcement several days in advance when a new one is to be coming out. There should be a new video wire out before the end of this week.

Ring Of Honor Website
ROH Message Board

You can buy ROH shows in the store section of the website, and make sure to read the front page of the site to see what sales might be going on. ROH runs a lot of sales throughout the year, including $10 DVD sales, 10% to 30% off sales, Buy 3 Get 1 Free sales and more. There's one sale or another going on at the website for the majority of the year, so always be on the look out for those.

There is currently a 30% off sale going on from now until this Thursday (December 13) at 10am EST. Visit the link below for instructions on how to use it.

ROH 30% Off Sale

You can see the new video wire (when it appears) as well as all of the previous ones, exclusive full matches, PPV teasers and PPV previews on the Ring of Honor Youtube page.

Ring of Honor on Youtube

ROH is also currently on Pay-Per-View, and their third ever PPV event is airing right now. If you have DISH Network, TVN or iNDemand, you should be able to order it. Check online or on your listings on your TV to see when it will be airing again. It should be available through the end of December. It costs between 10 and 20 dollars depending on your PPV provider. The event is called MAN UP! and it is a 2 hour show featuring great matches including a huge Ladder Match, the first ever one in ROH history, and also the last. It is for the Tag Team Championship.

You can also find DVDs from the Pro Wrestling NOAH organization, a great company in Japan, on ROH's website.

If you want any suggestions on ROH DVDs, just say so and I'll be willing to suggest a few, as will I'm sure other people here that are familiar with the product. If you can, name some people that you know of from ROH that you would like to see, and I will try to recommend shows that display them in great matches.