what about those of us xm only folks?


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I'm a trucker. the only way I have to listen to the boys is on my xm. I'm glad for you guys that have them on terrestrial but what about us? is there somewhere we can download the shows?

believe me, if they don't come back i'm killing all 5 of my subs (even though it will hairlip my drivers who don't even listen to O&A).

I called xm and the company line was they would be back on the 15th. we'll see.


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Seriously the 15th can't be here fast enough. Maybe redundent threads like this will finally disapear.
Search for the torrents, download them, listen to the show one day late on your music player in your truck.


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That's called a bonus.

Seriously though, it's safe as long as it isn't a zip file or other package you are getting, or an executable.

How's the eye, btw?


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I am sure that those that post in this thread that do not know how to "hear" the show, will receive a PM from someone who does.

Just sayin ;)
Yeah, most of those cancelling their subs seem to be people who can listen to them via a terrestrial radio, streaming audio or download them a day late. I'm not always on a broadband connection so these options are hit/miss for me. XM is the best way for me to listen to them. And I will if the new show isn't tamed down. If it is, then I'm chasing NASCAR radio over to Sirius.