What are ya eatin'????

I've been off Energy Drinks for a week. Since it's the weekend, I'm having 2 in 1 go. Not much happening. I think I may be immune to them now, after having 1-2 a day, and 4 a day on weekends for a few months.
Bet you can't drink ten.

Yesterdays Hero

She's better than you, Smirkalicious.
Lol, at 41 I was “skinny” now at 47 I’m fat again, it’s purely from sloth and day drinking
There's more fat people than skinny in my part of the world. Can't stand them. Never been fat. I couldn't imagine. Going to a job that automatically means you're burning more calories than you can take in kind of hampers the odds of becoming tubby.
Dominoes thin crust with onions, banana peppers, double pepperoni. Gallon of Arizona Green Tea...