What Are You Reading Now?


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Started The Master and Margarita. I assumed someone here suggested it but a search isn't bringing anything up.
This looks good. I'm reading The Brothers Karamazov right now, maybe I'll read this next and keep a Russian theme for 2019.
Speaking of a Russian theme, I just finished reading The Screen Is Red: Hollywood, Communism, and The Cold War, by Bernard F. Dick.

A fantastic read that proves how influential that period of time was on pop culture.

Jacuzzi Billy

Watching PTI
Mad Dog: The Maurice Vachon Story by Pat LaPrade and Bertrand Hebert.

A biography of wrestling legend Mad Dog Vachon, the Olympian who became an in-ring maniac. Plenty of fights with fans, as well as helping out young wrestlers. As an AWA child, I'm automatically drawn to stories about the wrestlers from that company.