What are your favorite Opie and Anthony Bits?


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What are your favorite Opie and Anthony Bits?

Lil Jimmy Deuce

Just another meaty breasted nothing
The ol' classic Stalker Patty "Take the wig" bit.
Rich Vos Starbucks Comedy Tour ones.
Patrice dropping the C-bomb on the unsuspecting dame.

Just to name a few.


Nice Head Deek
55 Gallon drum, almost anything with breuer. Dice and his "hat" And of course the classic "CBS FM" bit.. :D
Oooh and "its raining stuff"


this goes back quite a few, but I think Kevin-from-Sloatsburg's Weeks in Review were some of the worst (best) radio ever ever ever...I just listened to these over the weekend:

- Kevin-from-Sloatsburg & Vampires
- Kevin-from-Sloatsburg & the perfect crime
- Kevin-from-Sloatsburg getting pist on
- Kevin-from-Sloatsburg & the giant mosquito..."Encephaleetus...dat's my sista name!"

Some of you may not know Kevin-from-Sloatsburg, some of you might hate Kevin-from-Sloatsburg....nonetheless, he makes Francine look like a rhodes scholar.

Who could forget Muhammad Ali doing JUST the punchlines of some truly taseless jokes?

Rich W.

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...anything that rings the "inappropriate" bell...I fear that I will never hear it again.

Christ I'm an overdramatic douche.
I like the one with those people, and they say those things while they are doing that thing on a..


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most of the stuff anthony does, his voices always get me loffin
especially the "good old days" when racism and facism were everywhere, and that old timey music starts up


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Crazy Irene call is what got me into O&A in the first place.
Also love Blacks and Whites in the news


O and A's girl
the "goon hand". I could listen to that on a loop and still smile.

CM Mark

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So what do you like about the Opie and Anthony show?

Well I



20 year old virgins was definitely a favorite of mine.
And who can forget Kevin the Intern yelling at his unit "Come on!"


Guess who's back? Hoffman's back
I like these threads that pop up from time to time again. :action-sm
There was one Bill Burr appearance when they went on about fucking Bill's grandmother. I had to pull off the road I was loffing so hard.


2 in the Pink, 1 in the Stink
Board Room Jimmy, and 1920's Anthony.

Smoke a Lucky strick and come home to a Negro Free Neighborhood


I thought the 55 Gallon Drum Challenge was pretty good, and more recently Board Room Jimmy and Uncle Paul have been pretty funny.

But my favorite bit of all time was the Linda Blair interview. The concept was as simple as they come, but it took 100% dedication to pull it off. "THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!!!"

Lil Jimmy Deuce

Just another meaty breasted nothing
I forgot about the Steve from Yellowstone and Ben from Boston calls, Psycho Mahhhk encouraging his couple to get the 2 point conversion on Ken Stevens' couch during Sex for Sam...

After pondering it, I believe that Danny soliciting pictures with Half-a-Hulk face for "FIVE DULLARS" is 1 and 1A with the Take the Wig bit.