What did the lawyers say to get the Mastic bit to stop?


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Preface: If the bit just timed out and they just moved on, please give me the flaming my parinoid gapeing ass deserves.

I remember ONA recently saying that they got calls from a lawyer threatening action for the bashing they were giving Mastic. Since that day, I have yet to hear word one about Mastic from the bbboys, yet the callers have kept it up. What could have that lawyer possibly threatened to make them stop?


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The lawyer said, "I love the Mastic bit, keep it up."


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it did run its course, but i think o and a are honest about these things and would go ballistic if lawyers were to get their way.


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Bring on more of it I say. Fuck that town. And if the lawyers did say something I hope they would have continued bashing that shit town.


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bits run their course all the time. they tooled on Mastic for what, a week? in the words of our friend-turned-foe Dice, "What, are ya gonna do it all day?"

Jim T.

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What did the lawyers say to get Jimmy to stop claiming every day was his birfday?