What did you learn today? 4/29/08


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I learned:

That Anthony doesn't listen to he's "reads". He complains about his computer crashing all the time, but loves to tell us about PC Support in those annoying fucking commercials all day long! Far be it from me to think that there might be a connection here.:arrrh:

Opies chickens are coming home to roost. However most of them have an extra chromosome and believe lampshades are Lie Detectors.:icon_roll

The staff at the O&A show are now known as "The Keebler Elves", they don't make cookies, but they're all hard on the outside, soft on the inside and when pressed, spurt shit everywhere. (did I use enough commas? :icon_roll)

And finally, a video game based on gratuitous violence and graphic sex credits a radio show based on graphic sex and gratuitous violence in the hopes of making millions, just like the radio show hosts do!