What did you like more Colidge or High Skool ???

Collage or High School or Neither

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Hey i was justing wondering what was better for the wackbaggers Collage or High School.

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I like this collage:



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I agree minus the dude in the second row, first from the left
Never had the college Experience...but alot of memories come from Highschool....such as

Being a pothead
a metalhead
making really good friends
having 2 big groups of friends
hooking up with couple chickas each year
found a g/f senior year....first serious relationship
dropped out
never went to class...

now my life is less exciting lol

been graduated 4 years now.


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i think i made a few collages in hichschool
I'm not a huge fan of college. High school was a lot of fun for the most part though. I feel like I'm probably in the minority with that opinion.


i like college better, it's not cliquey or fucking stupid, you just go there, learn stuff, and leave.
My high school graduating class was 63 people, so I didn't really experience a whole lot of cliques in high school. I think the main reason I feel the way I do is because I absolutely HATED it at Southern California. Now that I'm back at school in Michigan I like it a little better.

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I used to like doing collages of naughty bits mags when I was in high school. that was fun or something.
College. Got laid in college. Didn't have to worry about getting into fights at college In fact the person I'm today. All my interests, friends, my job skills, I owe to college.


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High school was dull. Nothing cool ever happened, and as an electro-mechanical engineer, I could give a fuck about European history, English lit, biology, and the other bullshit that was taught.

At college I learned what I wanted to learn, got laid, drank all the beer, whiskey and vodka I could drink, jumped preppy frat boys when they caused trouble with my group of friends, and got in ZERO trouble for it. I'll never have times as crazy as that again!

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i like college better, it's not cliquey or fucking stupid, you just go there, learn stuff, and leave.
That's what I hated about collage. So I chose H.S..
Over 600 in my graduating class in Ridgewood Queens, NY.
There was always someone having a party.


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Hated HS... not a big fan of collages my fingers get all sticky from the glue.

College was much more gooder.


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Collages are for queers.

College hands down wins over HS. Equally as "click-y," but tons more fun.
I always enjoyed collages in grade school.
They were fun to make.

Collage, Oh I bet you feel like an ass.

How about this collage for our gay Asian friends.


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Back in the WNEW days, didn't O&A try to get some landscaper dude send in a collage of recent bush clippings with a job application? That was funny, made me giggle.

I had a great time in HS but, college rocked. Insane rugby parties and horny chicks spending daddy's money. The rugby team road trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras is still talked about. Sweet times.


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i hated HS, spent 2+ years in community college (the 13th grade) and i'm currently typing this from my dorm in actual college. it's been barely two weeks here and i'm still trying to weed out the girls whose daddy didn't love them enough so they're eager to please a man in any way possible, so i'll reserve my judgment for now.