What Do You Guys Think??

I dont think its gonna happen if they stay at WNEW. They should just stay on in the afternoons no matter where they go cause that is what fits them best.


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I agree O & A should definitely stay with
afternoons - not only cause that is what
fits them best, but because I like listening
to them on the way home from work - LMAO - I'm sure lots of people feel the same way I do - They sure make the ride home from work
a lot faster and definitely more interesting

:rolleyes: :D :rolleyes:

Luv Ya Guys,
Well the good thing if they should go to mornings would be that most likely Ron and Fez would get O&A's old timeslot.


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i think they sould stay where they are
and i think fon and fez should go back to night i love it when they where there
Yeah would love for Ron and Fez to go back to there old time slot. But i think if O&A should move to the mornings Ron and Fez should take over the 3 to 7 slot.
She brought it up cause O&A mentioned it last week when they where pissed that Vince McMahon was gonna be on the Howard Stern Show before he did the O&A show.


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if o&a go to the moring i going to miss have of the show i like sleeping in the moring that why i lsten to them in the afternoon :D
I think a large part of there auidence is made of people who are not awake in the mornings.


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God damn it. Fuck mornings!! IT's too early to laugh. Why is that the pinnacle of radio. I hate that shit. nuff said!
Well this may be nothing but O&A did say they wanted to go to mornings last week cause that is where you get respect. I think they where just upset and hopefully didnt really mean it.


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Lets hope not on that I mean I would really hate it soo much if they do go to mornings...
Mind you the fact with Ron And Fez I Like to listen to them in the afternoon even though I was not hooked on them at night... I stil think that it should go back like it use to but I guess that shit wont happen...
Fucking Wishful Thinking