What do you love?

What do you love?

  • I love Turtles

    Votes: 42 54.5%
  • I love Toast

    Votes: 22 28.6%
  • I love Lamp

    Votes: 13 16.9%

  • Total voters
A seemingly pointless poll, but I just need to know.




Guess who's back? Hoffman's back
I voted toast and seeing as Turtle is the President of the Wackbag TOAST group I figured this covers all bases for me.


All right, pussy, pussy, pussy! Come on in pussy lovers! Here at the Titty Twister we're slashing pussy in half! Give us an offer on our vast selection of pussy, this is a pussy blow out! All right, we got white pussy, black pussy, Spanish pussy, yellow pussy, we got hot pussy, cold pussy, we got wet pussy, we got smelly pussy, we got hairy pussy, bloody pussy, we got snappin' pussy, we got silk pussy, velvet pussy, Naugahyde pussy, we even got horse pussy, dog pussy, chicken pussy! Come on, you want pussy, come on in, pussy lovers! If we don't got it, you don't want it! Come on in, pussy lovers!


Thin out the herd...
I love poetry and a glass of Scotch and, of course, my friend Baxter here


Why do people keep calling me?
Where's the blue font? I've never seen CokeLogic post with white letters.
mr go to far guy

I love listening to opie be mr. go to far guy during a bit. Like today when ant. was on the phone with the xm telemarketer, and he kept screaming adnauseum. Ok, ope we get it, your trying to be funny

Brokeback Jimmy

Laundering your Swastikas since 1912
I love pussy, booze, pussy, fast cars, pussy, guns, pussy, hot wings, pussy, motorcycles, pussy, hunting, pussy, and a good steak.

Did I mention I like pussy???