What do you think will happen with WNEW in the New Year


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See I was wondering what everyone thinks about that.
Cause look what happend last year
With the Radio Chick.
And then with the Sport's Guys
Do you think there will be new shows on the station.
Also with Ron & Fez They have been talkin about goin to mornings.
Who knows what will happen but what do you guys think?


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I would love to see Don and Mike go to mornings, then have R & F back at middays. Ofcourse O & A at Afternoon drive, and then put Menudo at nights. I like listening to sports in the morning, but if putting Don and Mike in mornings can get R & F back to the middays slot, I would be happy. LEt's just pray that O & A don't get fired. We'd be out of a board. :D
I'd like R&F to follow O&A so we can still have afro shows...I like sports in the am, I just don't like Farrel that much. But I guess D&M would be okay..


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i say the whole station would only two good shows, and the sport junkies may come from d.c to do moring :D :eek: