What do you want to do after sex?


Is alive.
Wackbag Staff
What do you want to do after sex?


Good eeeeeeeevening.
Wackbag Staff
Have more sex.

Drink a gallon of water.


Honre De Ballsack

What do you want to do after sex?
Well, I figured that if your sister and mom were still in bed with us, they could clean my spooge up, and then cook my ass something to eat, feed me, and then fuck me again ?

Or I could just sleep. Whatever works for you. ;)


Someday I will come up with a clever name.
pat on my back for a job well done!


Your moms box.
Put the body in the trunk of the car next to the lyme, and dig a shallow grave.


Palms Need a Trimming
Hurry up and get dressed and leave before the roofies wear off.


LDAR, bitch.
Dig a shallow grave...?



Jimmy's shaved sack
Apologize and blame her for making me finishing like I was in a race…Quick Draw McGraw style!

lt. thompson

That's right.. I said piss on my chest.
hand over the money and complement her on how strong her forearms were.

Fruit Monkey

Don't stare at it eat it! P-1 In trainning
What do you want to do after sex?

~Cheat on my wife with a girl with Blonde hair, big eyes, and a perfect nose.
Tie off the condom, throw it next to the bed, go to sleep, and flush it in the morning.


Rat on your pop, and Keyser Soze will get you...
close the coffin...

Blu Swade

Vajayjay lover!
Clean off the peanut butter and bring the dog for a walk!