What does your screenname mean?

Wackadoo asks...
hey billy,what the hell are spot cheching anyway?
And ask's a really good question. How did you pick your screenname?
Mine is a tribute to 2 old friends, Lowell George from the band Little Feat, and the first line from their song "Fat man in the bathtub". And my best pal now deceased Reed Clayton Shields, who always used the name SCB on football/world series/final four pools,as well as jury duty/desk appearances.
What does yours mean?
A long story for a different thread,


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OK, I will jump in here to explain. Mine's really hard and the Sig Pic should give it away. Darkstar is the title of my favorite Grateful Dead song. It is usually a really really long jam that would go into all different directions and come back to the song. Nothing too special really.


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Well mine is my cats name.
It's what my dad named my little kitty it's italian. :)


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Originally posted by FOFOLINA:
It's what my dad named my little kitty </STRONG>
WoW....Boy I could take that statement WAY out of context....but I won't even go there.........crinkle-crinkle


damn guido, ishould of caught on to that!! :D
anyway...wackadoo is something my older sister and her friends used to call me when i was just alittle guy.that and moonboy cause i had big eyes :(

i wanted to use fofolina but i saw somebody else had it :mad: :rolleyes:


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Originally posted by Guido:
<STRONG>WoW....Boy I could take that statement WAY out of context....but I won't even go there.........crinkle-crinkle</STRONG>
sick sick sick man you are guido :p


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I thought a Spotcheck was something to do on stage.
my name is simple. I used to webmaster a lot of dirty websites. also my fav. singer was Harry Nilsson. He is the clean one. I am the dirty one lolheyyy I guess it wasnt that simple huh?


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Mean just say what job i do and, what mode i am in when i see how much they take out after taxes :D :D :eek:
My Screenname is named after the Corvette Stingray, I have owned 5 Vettes thruout my life and used to drag-race at raceway park in 1999/2000 in a 96 LT4 6-speed vette, best time at the quarter Mile at 12.9@113mph.

I now own a 1976 Corvette Stingray (the last year of the "Stingray") I have owned this car since I was 16.


yo sting,did you ever here of Street Specialties, out of delaware?they rebuild stingrays.
Love the 51-53 vettes, and the 61-64 version,esp the split window.
after that, i dunno.They ride like a truck.
I thought a Spotcheck was something to do on stage.
no DH that's a sound-check. :D


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My sig answers the question. I have always been a pothead when none of my friends were, I always did acid when my friends were smoking weed, I started smoking dust when they started doing acid, and then I started shooting heroin when they started smoking dust. I just have my own mind and I'm a loner. I have moved on from the major drugs and have become an Alcoholic. Now I have independent views and I refuse to conform to the accepted or orthodox thinking on a subject.

I used it as my tag name back in the days. I remember when having a tag name in the sickest places was the coolest thing. I had mine on a train track billboard hanging over Crossbay blvd. covering Camel Joe.

You decipher what part of this post is true or false. :D

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Well...mine is...well....Im an ASSHOLE so I made this name!!!


Don't worry about it ya friggen guy!
umm uhhhh what the hell does AmaruQ mean??

it means I shouldnt have dated an eskimo chick (damn beer) My ex Gf gave me this name.. it means wolf in Inuit (eskimo)
Shes a bitch but the name is still cool as hell to me :D


Don't worry about it ya friggen guy!
ahhh ty ty and thanx for the sig help

now lets get some chicks in here lmao ;)


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Is the only chick thats posts like everyday on the board :p


My screen name is a pretty pathetic story. When I was a kid,( about 6 or 7) My grandpa used to read me Herman Melville novels to put me to sleep, cuz he didn't have kids books. After he died, I started re-reading them, and got hooked.No, wait, that wasn't me... Its a nick name I got from a stupid teacher I had in High School, who couldn't pronounce my last name.