What Firework did you create?


Oct 23, 2005
I regressed to my childhood this year, I laid them all out and stared at them all excited.

I took my dozen 16 oz. rockets, pulled out the top part where the bologna color is, and stuck an m-80 in there, but first i frayed the fuse and stuck it down where the actuall rocket part ends and lights the next stage, then stuck the little plastic cone back on the top. It made lighting in the sky.

those 16 oz, rockets sure have some lift.


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Dec 11, 2004
NW Ohio
I did my 4th of July tradition of a bucket with an inch of gas in the bottom and about 800 bottle rockets. good times


Sep 15, 2004
Took a block buster and inserted a cigarette to delay the fuse and placed it inside a drainage tunnel under a boathouse on a calm still night. As I was walking back towards my vehicle the fucker went off and the blast sent a sound wave across the harbor setting off about fifty or so car alarms and rocked every boat moored in the harbor.


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May 23, 2005
i didn't do any at home this year, but i have fond childhood memories of it. usually when someone would set off packs of firecrackers, there would always be a few that never went off, so my friends and i would go scavenging the neighborhood streets and collecting as many as we could find. we'd even get a few that blew up and try to salvage the unburnt powder from them as well as any unburnt fuses so we could make our own firecrackers. but once we found this one firecracker, it was black and had BOOM! written on the sides. we set it off at the base of a tree in the local park, and it made this huge BOOM! that echoed throughout the park and the surrounding neighborhood and made my friend and i jump outta our skins. and of course, we'd get some bottle rockets and fire them at our friends houses and at the snooty Catholic school nearby.


Sep 15, 2004
Did have a bottle rocket war in the middle of Huntington village. The "enemy" where on the roof of the Shore movie theater and we (two friends and myself) parked across the street behind the Dairy Barn. Out comes the old cardboard tube modified to shoot bottle rockets (small flap down towards the bottom of the tube to light fuses.)

The guys on the roof were just lighting shit off and not aiming at anyone on the ground. Until we started launching rounds at them (we'd switch shooters each rocket launch) then it was game on.

This went on for about fifteen minutes until I scored a direct hit to their supplies. The last rocket just barely made it over the lip of the building roof and then went *POP* a few seconds later a massive *BOOM* echoes between the building as shitload of fireworks start going off. The guys on the roof split and we decided to make a hasty exit from the scene.

No clue as to why the cops didn't bust us, maybe they were busy elsewhere. :icon_mrgr


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Jul 28, 2003
Jersey Shore
Just the traditional wiggle chasers by tearing the stick off of bottle rockets.


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Mar 16, 2005
Fvck Nyc

This is another thing I hate Rudy for.. Used to be it took you 1 hour to drive home because you had to stop on every block while people lit their fireworks.. i LOVED it as a kid and miss it,.. it has gone as far as cops waiting at some state lines for NY plates coming back through so they can check the trunk. Now you have cops running around like crazy for tickets and ARRESTS.. I miss the old days... it has turned into this here in NYC...

Cops in S.I. fireworks bust 'like animals,' teen snarls


Friday, July 6th 2007, 4:00 AM

Woman is arrested

A woman is arrested after a raid on a Staten Island home that was the scene of a wild fireworks party.
illegal fireworks

Some of the illegal fireworks found near the Staten Island riot.

Nineteen people busted during an out-of-control Fourth of July party on Staten Island were waiting to be arraigned last night as witnesses railed against cops for using excessive force during the arrests.

"They came in like animals," said Gabriele Scianna, 19. "They were just coming in beating people with nightsticks."

Scianna, whose three brothers and parents were still in custody last night, said cops also broke the arms off a Virgin Mary statue and assaulted a developmentally disabled woman.

Neighbors, officials said, were complaining about noise and illegal fireworks being launched from a mortar tube outside the home just west of the Fort Wadsworth Gateway National Recreation Area.

Cops came to the Fillmore Place home three times, issuing an illegal fireworks summons to Gabriel Scianna, 50, a construction foreman, on the third visit.

With fireworks still going off at 11 p.m., six officers and a sergeant came to the home. They tried to arrest the two men setting off fireworks, but the men fled. Scianna and several men - among about 50 revelers - taunted police, daring them to arrest the homeowner described by cops as the ringleader.

"You'll have to go through us!" one of Scianna's friends screamed as dozens more cops arrived at the scene, evening out the numbers.

Police burst into the house, but only after Scianna allegedly tried to close a door on the leg of a police officer.

Twenty-nine people were arrested, but 10 were given desk appearance tickets. Of the 19 still in custody last night, there was one woman - Christine Scianna, 46, the alleged ringleader's wife.


Side note.. it wasnt a cop they had shgut the door on, it was the captain of the precinct


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
Aug 23, 2002
i love fireworks but i havent bought any in years, which is stupid because there legal in pa, my neighbors are rich and last night they must have let off at least 2k worth of shit, nice mortars and such borderline pro stuff