What game are you playing now?


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I must stress, again, how damn good Mutant: Year Zero is.

Great combo of xcom type gameplay and stealth. Very satisfying to whittle the enemy down before the main fight.

It really forces you to modify your gear and party members to fit your situation. You can't just main a single group and expect to do well.

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Steam games refuse to download properly. Stops and starts willy nilly no matter what ‘fix’ I try. Boards throughout the web show that it has been an issue for people since the early 2010s but I never had problems until the past couple of months.
I think it's Q.
Just picked up Reentry (early access) on Steam. If you like KSP, this is a good game to sit back and chill with. Graphics could be a little better, but with the historical basis and recorded radio comms, it's still pretty good.


I'm Biv Dick Black, the Over Poster.
Absolver hit Gamepass. I already owned it on PS4 but DL'ed it again. This is a great game that was largely overlooked.

It's, basically, a martial arts game with some light "magic". You start with one martial arts form and learn moves from enemies as they attack you. Button mashing does not exist in this game, at all.

As you gain more moves, you can customize your layout to an impressive degree.

And the replayability is awesome. You want to keep going back and fighting the same dudes so you can learn all of their moves.

I highly endorse this game.

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Pathfinder Kingmaker - I know it got low scores but it looked good. I can see why people are turned off at the sheer number of options it has. You have to be a real specific type of DnD RPG fan to like this. I installed a couple mods to tone it down to being more accessible. The story is written by Chris Avellone, which is a major plus.


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I'm really getting to Divinity original sin. I'm up to lv 10 and still don't know how to do a lot of things but will learn. Or not.