What game are you playing now?

Surge 2 is pretty damn good. The only downside is that it lacks a little polish compared to games in the genre with bigger budgets.


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Picked up Grim Dawn on steam for like 6 bucks. It’s a really good arpg in the same vein as Diablo 2.


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Anyone play Destiny 2 on PC? It went free to play on steam.

Guilty Spark

It's freeing and refreshing
Playing the Uncharted remasters. Was thinking about playing Link’s Awakening but I hate that art style.
It’s all just killing time until Death Stranding.
Followed the guide but the quest is bugged. Looks like no super-heroing for me.

This is my first legitimate gripe with the game. I wanted my zero-power consumption armor.

I'm going to play something else till they patch the game.


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Picked up Concrete Genie. Haven't done much so far, but it's gorgeous.


I'm Biv Dick Black, the Over Poster.
I played through at least half of Concrete Genie last night. It is a wonderful, gorgeous little game.

I highly recommend.


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If any of you old bastards like me still get a kick out of a good point-and-click adventure then there's a really good one on sale on GOG called DRACULA ORIGIN (shit title, I know).

I'm really liking it so far. It's a good ten years old now but the design work is very nice, good voice acting and decently challenging puzzles.
Tried a horror survival game called Darkwood. This is one of those indie games I wish had a budget to make a full fleshed out world in 3rd or first person. A Frostpunk 3rd person RPG would make me so happy.
I chuckled at the Borderlands 3 reviews that lowered the score for bad jokes.... then I played Gears 5.

I uninstalled the game before even finishing the tutorial. After the third joke in less than 20 minutes about the black guy not getting to go eat "brunch". I had enough. Every god damn line is some stupid goofy ass quipy bullshit. Fuck that game.

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Trying to slog through Devil May Cry 4. The timing needed for a certain necessary mechanic is so precise, most can't even use it the entire game.
I'm trying Undertale. I can't decide if I love it or really hate it.
I just made it to the final boss and had to take a break.

Thought I was about to complete a pacifist run and realized I was doing a neutral run without knowing, so I got pissed and felt like I had just wasted my time.

It’s a great little game with some good humor.