What happened on the show today:


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Opie had an underwater fight with a Frenchman which will be replayed Saturday.
They rated man gunk, snot, poo, and pee in order of disguistingness.
They talked how the show after them bad mouthed them and that they cannot respond on air.
They had a comic(forgot his name) who caused a comotion with some people because he said that the prefixes that people before american are stupid for people born and raised in america.
Well they also bitched about all the promos that they have to play. fruity starburst
At the end, they played the Under the Sea song from "The Little Mermaid" with the appropriate fight sound bites.
That is about it.


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O&A got in a fight with Limo Anthony because he was going on other shows. A recording of Limo Anthony was played where he screamed at Stinky for not getting him the wrestling tickets. He left on a bad note when Opie hung up on him.

O&A talked about Reverened Al. They told about his trek to Africa where he will buy slaves and set them free. Anthony commented on how many people he could buy for $50 a pop.

Jim Cook came in and O&A talked about Sex for Sam and Psycho Mark. Psycho Mark called in and said he would do it all over again. They compared Ken Stevens to Jim Cook as figure heads because they do nothing.

Jakie, the knife girl, was briefly on.

They also interviewed someone from the Sopranos who did not tell any of the story plot.

O&A read an article where a guy fell on a flashlight and got it stuck in the rectum. O&A did not believe the story. They looked up books for this and came up with Bendover Boy Friend.(Anal for Dumbies anyone?)

Rick-"Coffee, tea, or me?"
from Bendover Boyfriend

There also was LOTS of new S.P. sound effects and new O&A drops for those who care :) . Sorry but these were on the show only and I don't record the show. But I have sites and people that do. See the other topic. :eek: :eek:

W.O.W. officially starts tommrow.

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They talked to "Artie Bucco" from The Sopranos actor John Ventimiglia he was pretty cool.

SOS how do i get those new O&A drops you have???


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Usually I check the O&A Demented Fan page and Elevated Studios and The Audio Week-in-Review for stuff. All those links are in the other topic. :rolleyes: