What I Blew The Duke

DJ Evel Ed

I heard this again on the Batman TV Show. What the fuck is it when someone "blew the duke"? Is a duke a wad of money? Did a Duke get blown? WTF???

Could it be related to Cuthbert Duke's system for classification of colorectal cancer?
Dukes' A[4]: Invasion into but not through the bowel wall
Dukes' B: Invasion through the bowel wall but not involving lymph nodes
Dukes' C: Involvement of lymph nodes
Dukes' D: Widespread metastases

Anyone know about blowing the duke?

DJ Evel Ed

I was really suprised to hear this on Batman because by the 60's the term blowjob was around and to blow someone was fallacio. Sure there was sexual innuendo on the show but nothing blatant about bj's. I searched the internet for "blew the duke" but nothing. Im shocked the diverse crowd here doesn't know every adianoeta.


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Oddly enough, I looked up "Blew the duke" in google and the first result is us, the second is a Yahoo Finance forum for Sirius-XM Radio "Satwaves blew the Duke up on Seeking Alpha again"

In the Senior’s, in a replay of their 1942 U.S. Open final, Tucker defeated Gunn, again in 4 to win the Championship. Gunn, who with his "melodious bass voice" announced matches in various events, had a relatively easy time reaching the final, losing only one game en route to Paul Buell who’d earlier survived a 23-21 in the 5th match with John Kauderer. "Tuck," however, had a deuce in the 5th 8th’s scare from Lipschutz; a –7, 20, 19, 19 quarter’s tussle with ’39 U.S. Open Senior runner-up Nachsin; and then another 5-game semi’s with Simeon Sabre. What happened to Defending Champ George Bacon? George, Burchard says, "blew the duke" to Sabre—lost 19 in the 5th in the quarter’s. After going without sleep for two nights putting up those lights, he was "dead on his dogs." Runyanesque 1946 New York reporting, eh?