What I learned 11/29


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That Al Gore, 500 votes from becoming president, is a waiting tables now.

And that mommies don't like DDDs.

And Opie doesn't like bush.

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That your children are safer with Michael Jackson, than with Norton.

That there is no Santa. Thanks Op.

And no charity will accept money from O&A.


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I learn that i have nothing to post right now :D


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I learned that Jim Breuer is one of the funniest comedians ever.
That Jerry "the King" Lawler is back and horny as ever. :p
That Opie doesn't like bush and Gore is working the grill. :D
I also got an inside scoop on SNL.

Good show!


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I learned that Chris Katan is a little whiny bitch..
and steals acts like Jay Mohr.


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i learned that Santa aint going to Opies this year and Bush is getting a three cent tip from me.