What I learned August 15, the day of the WOW Summit


Is alive.
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Scorch 's voice is getting really bad and he will be going out with Laura tommrow.


That Stalker Patty had her first O on a Harley.

That Bob's girlfriend, Kelly, lost clumps of her hair after bleaching it and then decided to shave WOW in it.

Shawn and Dennis are Like the guys in Fast Times at Rigemont High.
Home Depot Bowl's cost 4 dollars.

Bubba Ray is scary.

Jay Mohr finds Richard Vos' bits as trite.

Women have one oversided breast from the days of archery.

Tim Sabian is the P.D. of WYSP, 50 shows.

Brother Joe made a song about Dicky Yets.
"Whore, I assaulted you again!"

The whole WOW summit is "like planting the flag on the moon or something."

Obi Wan Devoti and Darth Vaquer
-Jedi Sales Whore
See Stalker Patty on the left side


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I am glad you learned alot SOS I learned noffin due to the fact that I worled from 6am till 12 midnight today.THANKS ALOT BOTHE :cool: